Auriglo™ TwistDock

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AURIGLO™ TwistDock Magnetic Car Mount

🚗 Key Features:

Strong Magnetic Hold:

 Features a robust magnetic system to securely hold your smartphone in place during rides.
360° Rotation:

 Fully adjustable with a 360-degree rotating head for optimal viewing angles.
Universal Compatibility:

 Fits a wide range of smartphones and cases, ensuring a perfect fit for any device.

🛠️ Product Specifications:

High-quality aluminum alloy for durability and a stylish look.
Magnetic Technology:

 Uses powerful magnets to maintain a strong grip on your device without causing interference.

Sleek, compact design that integrates seamlessly with your car’s dashboard.

👍 Benefits:
Effortless Installation:

 Easy to set up with a sturdy adhesive base that attaches securely to your dashboard or windshield.
Safe Driving:

 Keeps your device at eye level, allowing for easy navigation and hands-free calls, enhancing driving safety.
Minimalist Style:

Enhances your car's interior with its modern and unobtrusive design.
💡 Ideal for:
Everyday Commutes:

Perfect for keeping your navigation in clear view without obstructing windshield visibility.
Long Road Trips:

Reliable and sturdy, it makes accessing your phone’s features safe and convenient while on the move.
Tech-Savvy Drivers:

 A must-have for anyone who uses their smartphone for music, calls, or GPS during driving.

🌐 Perfect Addition to Your Car:
Durability Meets Design:

Built to last and designed to complement any vehicle interior.

Occupies minimal space, providing a clutter-free setup.
Transform your driving experience with Urban™ TwistDock, combining safety, convenience, and style for the ultimate phone mount solution in your vehicle.


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